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Round LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror L33

$ 419
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Price: $ 419
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Make Up
LED Mirror
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Touch Button

Illuminated LED mirrors with touch buttons completely change the decor of a bathroom, while guaranteeing full comfort of use. It is a modern accent in the equipment that will provide adequate lighting for the room and help create an intimate atmosphere. The touch switch also allows the light intensity to be changed. Light power is changed by holding the push-button.

Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers in the LED mirror will make every moment spent in the bathroom more pleasant. Thanks to bluetooth you can listen to your favorite songs using your iPad or smartphone.

  • The range of the receiver is up to 393".

Make Up LED Mirror

An LED make-up mirror will make your daily make-up routine a breeze. Thanks to the zoom function you will be able to see every details and the light will illuminate all of the shadows. (Please note: only the make-up LED Mirror has lighting).

  • The magnification of the mirror is 3x.
  • Total diameter is 7"
  • You can choose the position on the mirror at the right or left edge of the mirror.


Improved OptiWhite surface will allow you to see more details and has better reflective qualities.


Function: Keeps mirror clear even after bathing. The heating mat is mounted in the middle of the mirror surface.

  • It evaporates an area with the dimensions of 12" x 16".

Thickness 1,25"
Glass pane thickness 0,15"
Voltage 110
Power consumption 9,6 W / 39"
LED lifetime Up to 15 000h / Phillips LED up to 45 000h
Number of LEDs and energy class 120 / 39" energy class A++ energy saving
Light output Neutral white 1020lm / Cool White 1020lm / Phillips LED 1500lm
LEDs color Neutral white 4500K / Cold white 7000K / Phillips LED 6500K
Protection rating IP33
The set consists of: Mounting accessories, product designed for cleaning mirror surfaces.
Warranty Yes, 2 Years