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Bestseller Recommended
PremiumLine L78 Bathroom LED Lighted Mirror

koszyk $ 499
Bestseller Recommended
PremiumLine L77 Bathroom LED Lighted Mirror

koszyk $ 499
Bestseller Recommended
PremiumLine L75 Bathroom LED Lighted Mirror

koszyk $ 459

L35 Round LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

koszyk $ 499
L97 Round LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

koszyk $ 639
Bestseller Recommended
L98 Round LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror

koszyk $ 639
$ 499

Delivery time 13 - 18 business days.

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About us

Welcome to Artforma, a trendsetter in producing and selling LED illuminated mirrors. We have over a hundred different products in stock, and we are always available to take your orders 24/7. We are over 20 years in the business, and our years of experience have helped us build a reputation as dealers in quality products and services. Our brand currently boasts 20 functional physical outlets. And are also referred to as the Foram company.

What we do

We produce and sell a variety of modern mirror models that are uniquely crafted. Our catalog includes an extensive selection of different LED lighted mirror sizes that will suit your taste. We also offer bespoke and customized orders. You only have to tell us what you would love to get. We craft it beautifully and send it to you.

Why do you need a  smart mirror

A smart mirror addition to your room is one way to enhance your cleaning and makeup routine. Unlike regular modern mirrors that cannot highlight some of your makeup deficiencies because of bad lighting, this is different. This is also a good option for thorough shaving, without stress or any wrong move. In addition, you get to save space in your room because you get all the advantages of a room or cabinet wall mirror with light from any LED Bathroom mirror. Your bathroom looks more stylish, welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing.

Why buy our mirrors

The quality of the LED lighted mirror you order from us, and the speed of production in crafting your orders is top-notch.
Our customer care service is one to boast about. Our customer care agents help customers by responding to the different questions about our brand.
Using our existing discount codes, you get a discount on all orders of our vanity mirror with lights.
All our customers from all over the country get to enjoy free delivery

 AmbientLine and PremiumLine

The ambientLine found in our modern mirrors enables you to reassemble the different backlights you will love to have in your bathroom. The premiumLine provides lighting designed for customers who need high clarity and precise lighting for their faces. Our premiumLine mirrors have 15 colors with no effects of walls reflections. The frames are solid, and have a variety of colors to choose. This makes them very customizable to suit the background theme, and makes them attractive to behold.

Bespoke mirrors that really makes you pop

You have the complete freedom to create your mirror configuration. You place an order and tell us what you want. We will work on it and deliver it to you.

Order placement and delivery

You get your order after our order realization time. Our order realization time is the total number of days needed for us to assemble your mirror order and send it over to you. Fret not about our order realization time, as they do not take time. We always try our best to ensure that all the Smart mirrors produced by us are delivered to clients who have placed orders on time. If we are to attach a value to it, our order realization day ranges to 8-17 business days, depending on how technical your order is. Once we have a hint of the exact delivery date, we send it to your mail.

Contact us

You can reach out to us via our email or through +13324560720. Better still, you can log on to our website to place an order for any vanity mirror with lights. We’re sure you’ll love it!