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Which type of lighting is appropriate for make-up application?

The lighting used in PremiumLine mirrors will work much better for make-up application. The solution used keeps the light fully focused on the person in front of the mirror.

Is it possible to order a mirror/cabinet customized?

No, all possible sizes are available.

What are the maximum and minimum dimensions of a mirror that can be ordered?

All available sizes are available at auction. The smallest size in which we can make a mirror is 19,7" wide by 19,7" high. However, the largest possible width of the mirror is 78,7" and the height is 39,4".

What are the differences between the different models of mirrors?

Each mirror from our offer has a unique designation, e.g. L01, which indicates the applied lighting pattern. Thanks to the wide range it is possible to match the design and shape of the mirror to the style of the room.

I can’t select an accessory on the website. Why can’t I choose all accessories?

If after clicking on the desired accessory, one of the following messages appears: "accessories are exclusive" or "the size of the mirror is too small" - it means that in a given product size we cannot install the selected accessories or that the selected accessories contain the same functions, e.g. both the station and the watch provide information about the current time.

Can I choose the location of accessories?

Accessories selected for the mirror will be installed according to the location selected during setup, unfortunately it is not possible to place accessories according to the customer's request.

Where can I find a description of the accessories?

A description of the add-ons can be found on each auction, under the configurator.

What is the difference between Smartscreen and Smartpanel?




Screen size 10,5" 10"
Resolution 1080p 1080p
Speaker Integrated into the mirror Integrated into the mirror
Device control Stylus pen (Included) Controller (Included), Smartphone
Available in mirror types PremiumLine PremiumLine
Wifi Yes Yes
Camera Yes No
Application availability Apps that support Android Chromecast 4 compatible apps
System Android Chromecast 4
Manufacturer Samsung Google
Voice commands No Yes


Screen size 10,5"
Resolution 1080p
Speaker Integrated into the mirror
Device control Stylus pen (Included)
Available in mirror types PremiumLine
Wifi Yes
Camera Yes
Application availability Apps that support Android
System Android
Manufacturer Samsung


Screen size 10"
Resolution 1080p
Speaker Integrated into the mirror
Device control Controller (Included), Smartphone
Available in mirror types PremiumLine
Wifi Yes
Kamera/Aparat No
Application availability Chromecast 4 compatible apps
System Chromecast 4
Manufacturer Google

Does the illuminated magnifying mirror have a separate switch to activate the lighting?

How is the heating mat activated?

The mat is activated by a dedicated touch switch, which is located on the surface of the mirror.

Why is it that when I select Dual Color, I can't select an additional switch?

The DUAL controller is controlled by a remote control that acts as a switch. This means that when the mirror is connected to a constant current, the lighting can be controlled by remote control. Then an additional switch on the mirror is unnecessary.


Why is there an extra charge for Phillips brand lighting?

We offer basic and Philips brand lighting to satisfy the most demanding users. The brand's products feature increased wattage and longer life compared to standard leds.

Is card payment possible?

Payment failed, what should I do?

If you are having trouble authorizing a transaction, please email our customer service department.

Is it possible to change the form of payment?

Unfortunately, changing the payment method is only possible by resubmitting your order and selecting your preferred payment method.

When will my order be delivered?
Why can't it be realized faster?

The deadline for completing the order is given in the offer and in the order summary. The products we offer are not available in the warehouse - we prepare each product individually. Thanks to the fact that we are a producer and produce items for a given order, our clients gain the opportunity to introduce many configurations to selected products.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping for prepaid orders is free.

How are the parcels secured?

We secure every package for transport. The glass pane is covered by a protective foil that prevents scratches. The mirror corners are protected by special rubber covers that absorb shocks. We pack the prepared mirror in a cardboard box, adapted to transport glass products.

Is it possible to deliver a package to a parcel pickup point?

Due to the large dimensions of the goods, it is not possible to deliver the package to the collection point.

I ordered two products, but only one package arrived. Where is the remaining product?

We send each product in separate packages. If two products have been ordered, they will arrive as two separate shipments.

Why didn't I find the purchase document in the package?

In the interests of environmental protection, we do not produce unnecessary waste paper. We send the invoice to the e-mail address provided in the order at the time of posting the package.

Do the offered products have a guarantee? What is the warranty period?

Yes, we offer a two-year warranty on all products.

The ordered goods arrived damaged - what can I do?

If you notice a defect in the packaging (e.g. wetting, corner damage, hole in the box), ask the courier to make a damage report. If the product is damaged, take photos of the packaging with a visible numer of bill of lading, as well as photos of the content of the package, and then send them to us.

I have sent a complaint - when will I receive an answer?

On weekdays we reply to messages within 24 hours maximum. We handle submissions sent over the weekend/holiday chronologically when you return to work.

What power supply should I prepare for the mirror? How many power cords are needed for connection?

Our products require a 110V power supply. Depending on the configuration selected, the number of wires varies. It is worth remembering that accessories such as a weather station, a watch need a constant independent power supply. It is a good idea to contact us in advance to determine the requirements for your specific product.

Does the product include mounting hardware?

All components necessary to install the products, are included.

What does the assembly look like?

Detailed information about the installation can be found on our website: https://artforma.com/manual


If you have not found the answer to your question, please contact us.

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