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Mirrors Rectangular

Mirror Shape - Rectangular ✖
Line - PremiumLine ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting around the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting at the top and bottom of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting on the sides of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting at the top of the mirror ✖
Mirror orientation - Horizontal ✖
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SMART rectangular mirrors and backlight, a perfect duo for modern interiors

Do you like solutions for your home that are visually beautiful and functional at the same time? Then SMART rectangular mirrors with additional lighting are the perfect choice. They will work well in modern interiors, but not only that, because we also have many models that also fit into more classic arrangements. You can also easily select products according to size. Thanks to this, therectangular mirrorcan be used in both smaller and larger rooms.

Our offer includes horizontal models with lighting in the form of an attractive frame or vertical single strips. The backlight can also be located at the back of the structure, gently scattering on the wall. This solution makes therectangular LED mirroralso become an interior decoration. It is worth hanging them, for example, on a wall made of brick, wood or concrete.

Vertical models are worth mounting in small interiors or in rooms that require optical extension. Due to their large surface, you can see your entire figure in them.

SMART rectangular mirrorshave strongly outlined lines. This translates into a modern look. That's why, if you're looking for a way to add a bit of style to your interior, you've found the right way.

Why are rectangular mirrors with lighting a good choice?

By checking out our offer, you can quickly adjust the smart rectangular LED mirror to the specifics of your room. The backlight can be warm or cool. This translates into the atmosphere prevailing, for example, in the bathroom or hall. Color control is a great convenience, regardless of the style and size of the room. It may be useful if you need precise light to apply makeup or for home care treatments.

Each SMART rectangular mirroris made with attention to every detail. You can choose from simple models or those with a decorative print. It can be a tropical, geometric or floral pattern. It all depends on which model you choose. Together with aesthetic lighting, the mirror will become a decorative element. The veneer protects the glass pane against mechanical damage and the adverse effects of moisture. As you can see, this is an ideal solution for rooms with steam.

Many products also have a special heating function that will prevent steam from settling, e.g. after a hot bath. You can look at yourself in the mirror right away!

A rectangular LED mirroris a modern piece of equipment that you can control in many different ways. You can choose from atouch switch, thanks to which you can easily turn on the backlight. A sensor sensor is also a good solution. When your hands are wet or dirty, just place your hand at a maximum distance of 5 cm from the mirror. You will then turn on the lighting and you can start hygiene activities. The most advanced solution is Smart Switch, which gives many options for controlling the mirror. This can be done with the help of a remote control, an application on your phone, or even your voice!

Each SMART rectangular mirrorfrom our offer is designed to meet your expectations as much as possible. That's why it is not only equipped with LED lighting, but also with a number of other possibilities. You have built-in Bluetooth speakers at your disposal, thanks to which you can play your favorite music while in the bathroom or in the hall getting ready to go out. They are perfectly hidden in the housing, so they are not noticeable. At the same time, they provide good sound quality.

All you need is a power source to use the additional option of a watch and a weather station. Smart devices also have the ability to turn on applications and display their content on a glass pane. They are not difficult to use because they resemble a smartphone or tablet.

Smart rectangular LED mirror - what interiors will it work in?

Mirror You will choose Smart rectangular LEDregardless of the size of your room. All you need to do is find the right size or order a custom-made product.

You can match the finishing and decorative elements to your interior style. You can choose from, among others: copper, black, white, gold and silver elements. If you prefer products finished with wood-based material, you also have this option. You can match the Intelligent rectangular LED mirror to any decorating style. You can hang them in a loft interior, add glamor to your bathroom or fill a classic hall with them.

Products from this category also serve as lighting, so they are perfect for, among others: for the hall, bathroom or bedroom. You can also use larger models as a wardrobe item. If you want to be up to date with the time and weather, choose a model with an additional built-in weather station. Depending on your technical capabilities, SMART rectangular mirrors can be connected via Wi-Fi or a wireless sensor placed outside the building.

Our offer also includes smartmirrors that will meet the expectations of lovers of modern gadgets. Thanks to modern software, you can turn on your favorite applications and spend a nice time in your home. Fancy watching a TV series while taking a bath? Or maybe some relaxing music while applying a face mask? No problem. You can use modern solutions based on well-known systems such as Android, iOS or Chromecast quickly and pleasantly. There are many applications available, including a web browser and a calendar.

What about a built-in camera? Thanks to this, the rectangular LED mirror will also serve you as a way to communicate with your loved ones. You can also quickly check what's happening on social media. This solution will work in any home, even if it has many household members. Everyone will find their favorite applications here that will accompany you during your daily hygiene and care activities.

In a perfectly smooth glass you can not only look at yourself before going out or fix your makeup. When the surroundings are reflected on it, the room also becomes optically larger. In this way, therectangular mirroris a clever solution for microscopic interiors. Check the full offer!

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