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SMART mirrors

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Smart mirror - a modern addition to your arrangement

If you are a gadget lover and love technological innovations, this smart mirror will definitely meet your expectations. Not only will it allow you to look at yourself before leaving the house and fix your makeup, but it will also be an entertainment center in your bathroom.Smart mirror are advanced devices equipped with easy-to-use software. Thanks to this, it resembles a smartphone or tablet with many functions at your disposal.

YouTube? Spotify? Netflix? All your favorite apps will be available at your fingertips. All you need is an Internet connection. While going to the toilet in the morning, you will be able to find out what new albums have appeared on the Internet or what happened to the main character of the series you are watching. Thanks to this, you can easily turn your bathroom into a place you will love even more!

The intelligent mirrorrequires constant power supply to get the most benefits from it. However, application support is not all its advantages.Smart mirrorsalso have an attractive appearance and beautiful lighting. Thanks to this, you can provide yourself with an additional source of light that is exceptionally atmospheric and diffused. Our offer includes products with various lighting colors. So you will choose the perfect variant for yourself, regardless of whether you like warm or cold lighting.

You can choose fromLED mirrorswith a variety of systems, including: iPadOS 15, tvOS or Android. It all depends on your tastes and preferences. The software mainly determines which applications you will have access to. The Android systemor any other system from our offer will not be difficult to use in any way.

Why is it worth choosing a smart mirror?

Our offer includes high-quality mirrors that perform many important functions at the same time. They are an entertainment center, a place for face and body care, and are also responsible for a well-lit space in the bathroom. That is why they are widely used in practice. This is an investment in a product that will serve you for many years. By choosing anintelligent mirror, you choose a multifunctional solution. You don't have to invest in integrated speakers separately, e.g. in the shower cabin, or place the tablet on the bathroom counter. You can turn on the music using the remote control or wireless mouse and you can listen to it using your favorite playback application. You can watch the series in one of the most popular streaming applications.

Using thesmart mirroris very simple. A great convenience isremote control. There are several operating options to choose from - both via remote control and directly on the mirror surface.

In addition, you can count on high screen resolution, including HD, Full HD or 2K. The processor has no problem running applications smoothly. In addition, you can choose asmart mirrorthat has a large internal memory. You can store selected multimedia on it. You can also match the devices in terms of RAM, just like you would choose a smartphone for everyday use.

SomeLED mirrorsalso have a built-in lens. This allows you to use the camera and camera at home. Many of the available products also have a special heating mat that minimizes the problem of evaporation. Thanks to this, after a hot bath, you won't have to worry about a mirror that shows nothing at all. The smart mirror can also be equipped with a practical shelf whose durable glass allows for convenient storage of cosmetics and accessories.

You can turn on the lighting in thesmart mirror in many ways. One of them is a touch switch. Thanks to the built-in sensors, all you need to do is make a sure movement of your hand and thesmart mirrorwith backlight will turn on immediately. Another option is a wireless switch, although you can also simply use your voice to turn on your gadget.

LED mirrors – in which rooms will they work?

Modern technologies go hand in hand with the pursuit of complete comfort and entertainment. Depending on how you like to spend your free time, you can also use the app in your bathroom. They not only allow you to listen to music and watch your favorite series, but also influence your current affairs. You can use the application both for relaxation and for work.

Magic mirrorworks well in all modern interiors, and they do not have to be spacious. Our offer also includes models that fit into microscopic bathrooms - it all depends on the shape and size of the mirror. Smart mirrorsallow you to fully relax in the comfort of your home. You can take a relaxing bath and watch your favorite series or movie at the same time. During your morning toilet, you can turn on energetic music to start your day in the best possible way.

With such equipment, you will also be in contact with your loved ones at all times. If you are in a rush, you can talk via the easy-to-use application even while putting on a mask in the bathroom. You can also always be available on your social media.

Magic mirroris the perfect mirror for applying precise makeup. This is because the offer also includes models with a small cosmetic mirror. It has a magnifying function, so you can see every detail on your face. This will work not only during makeup. The Smart mirrorwill also accompany you when taking care of your skin and body.

The smart mirrorcan be easily matched in appearance to the interior of your house or apartment. It will work great in a modern, loft, Scandinavian, glamorous and even classic style. You can choose from many framed mirror decors that you can match to e.g. bathroom cabinets, radiator, fittings or various accessories. Popular solutions are copper, black, white, gold and silver.

With our offer, you will certainly choose anintelligent mirrorto the size of your interior, style, and individual preferences. There are round and rectangular models to choose from. You can choose products with milled edges and shelves. Take a look at the full offer!

Smart mirrors - frequently asked questions

Magic Mirror - What is it?

Magic Mirror, i.e. a smart mirror, is a touch LED mirror. In addition to built-in lighting, it guarantees constant access to utilities and gives you the opportunity to use modern technologies in the bathroom. A smart mirror means you can relax in the bathtub with streaming services or listen to music. Adjusting the backlight allows you to adjust the light intensity to the time of day and your activities - this way you will be stimulated to action or relax after an intense day at work.

How does a smart mirror work?

Smart mirrors are activated by touch. You can use the touch or sensor switch or the Smart Switch function, thanks to which you will be able to control the backlight via a wireless remote control or a dedicated application. Additionally, you get a SmartPanel for watching movies - it's freedom of choice and a bit of luxury in your bathroom.

Magic Mirror - Is it useful?

The smart mirror will appeal to lovers of intelligent solutions in the apartment. Mirrors guarantee perfect makeup and at the same time are an attractive element of every bathroom equipment. You can choose from several frame colors and shapes, so you can fit the smart mirror into both modern and classic interiors. You can opt for an additional cosmetic mirror, a heating mat that prevents evaporation and a glass shelf on which you can place your favorite cosmetics.

How much do Smart mirrors cost?

Smart mirrors differ in shape, finish and type of lighting used. How much a smart mirror costs depends on additional elements, such as the type of SmartPanel or the selected light switch. The price is also influenced by the choice of additional accessories, including: cosmetic mirror, heating mat and glass shelf. By choosing a smart mirror, you save space in the bathroom, and what's more, you have access to all the necessary functions in one device.

Where to buy smart mirrors?

Smart mirrors are a unique offer from Artforma. You can order the mirror on the store's website and after a dozen or so days you can enjoy practical solutions in your bathroom. First, choose the shape and color of the border, and then adjust individual functions. Design your own smart mirror in just a few steps! In the rich offer of the Artforma store, you can match the mirror to the proposed bathroom cabinets and furniture. All elements of home furnishings were made with great attention to detail. It is a combination of exclusive technologies and modern design that will add a unique character to your apartment.

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