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What color is the glass of the mirror? Are the edges ground?

Our products have normal glass pane that isn’t darkened. The edges of the mirror are ground.

What are the biggest and smallest dimensions of the mirror that can be ordered?

The smallest size mirror you can order is 20" wide by 20" high. The largest possible mirror width is 79", and the height is 40".

Is it possible to order bespoken size of the mirror?

We make LED mirrors to size, but its size must be within the range given in the question above. If you are interested in placing an order, please contact us by email.

The pictures show horizontal mirrors. Is it possible to order vertical mirror?

Yes, we can produce vertical mirror. Use our configurator, and if you can’t find the desired size, please contact us by email.

Width is the horizontal length of the product and heigth is the vertical length.

If you want to order vertical mirror width has to be smaller than heigth of the mirror. However, if you need a horizontal mirror, the width should be greater than the height.

What is the differences between models L01 and L49?

In this models the difference is in the thickness of the pattern – in L01 the pattern around mirror has 3 cm and in L49 the pattern has 2 cm.

Porównanie luseter
What power should be prepared for the mirror?

There is a wire on back of the mirror which should be connected to 120 V power supply via connection cubes. Depending on the additional options selected, prepare one or two separate power sources.

How does the assembly look like? Do I need to buy an equipment set?

Mirrors and cabinets should be mounted on wall rawlplug. All mounting equipment needed to mount the product are included in the set. Detailed installation instructions for each product can be found at:, which describes in detail how to safely mount a selected product.

I can’t select an accessory on the website. Why can’t I choose all accessories?

If after clicking on the desired accessory, one of the following messages appears: "accessories are exclusive" or "the size of the mirror is too small" - it means that in a given product size we cannot install the selected accessories or that the selected accessories contain the same functions, e.g. both the station and the watch provide information about the current time.

Can I choose the location of accessories?

We install all accessories in standard locations:

  1. Touch Button - at the bottom edge, in the center of the mirror.
  2. Touch clock - you can choose the position on the mirror at the middle, right or left of the mirror.
  3. Weather station Wi-Fi – you can choose the position on the mirror at the middle, right or left of the mirror.
  4. Bluetooth speaker - mounted in the upper part, behind the mirror - are invisible during use.
  5. Demister - mounted in the center, behind the mirror - heats the central part of the mirror.
  6. Make-up mirror – you can choose the position on the mirror at the right or left edge of the mirror.
Where can I find a description of the accessories?

To find a detailed description of the above-mentioned stations, look at the "extras" tab

How many speakers are installed in the mirror and in cabinet? What power are the speakers?

We install 2 speakers in our products. The speakers power is 3 W.

How is the heating mat activated?

The demister pad is activated using the touch button in the lower left-hand corner of the mirror.

włącznik maty grzewczej
How many W per hour does the heating mat use?

The 16" x 12" mat consumes little power - 0.02 W per hour.

Why can't I choose Dual Color and switch for the mirror?

When choosing Dual lighting, the customer receives a remote control in the set with which he can control the lighting. Then an additional switch on the mirror is not needed.

Is the price given on the store's website the final price? Can I get an additional discount?

We grant a discount on orders over 10 products.

Can I pay for my order during delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not send COD parcels.

Can I pay with credit card?
Card payment is possible via Stripe or PayPal.


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Rodzaje płatności
Payment couldn’t be finalised, what should I do?

Contact us and describe the problem. Then we'll give you tips on how to finalize the transaction.

Is it possible to change the payment method?

If you want to pay for the items ordered in a different way - cancel the order or inform us by email. Then place a new order by selecting the desired payment method.

When will my order be delivered? Why can't it be realized faster?

The deadline for completing the order is given in the offer and in the order summary. The products we offer are not available in the warehouse - we prepare each product individually. Thanks to the fact that we are a producer and produce items for a given order, our clients gain the opportunity to introduce many configurations to selected products.

How much is the shipping?

The shipping is free.

Is it possible to deliver the order to another country?

Of course, please contact us in advance to arrange the details.

How are the parcels secured?

We secure every package for transport. The glass pane is covered by a protective foil that prevents scratches. The mirror corners are protected by special rubber covers that absorb shocks. We pack the prepared mirror in a cardboard box, adapted to transport glass products.

Is it possible to deliver a package to a parcel pickup point?

Due to the large dimensions of the goods, it is not possible to deliver the package to the collection point.

I ordered two products, but only one package arrived. Where is the remaining product?

We send each product in separate packages. If two products have been ordered, they will arrive as two separate shipments.

Why didn't I find the purchase document in the package?

In the interests of environmental protection, we do not produce unnecessary waste paper. We send the invoice to the e-mail address provided in the order at the time of posting the package.

Where can I find assembly and operating manual?

You can find both the assembly instructions and the product manuals on

Do the offered products have a guarantee? What is the warranty period?

Yes, we offer a two-year warranty on all products.

The ordered goods do not suit me - what can I do?

You can withdraw from the contract within 14 days of delivery. In this situation, please contact us to agree on the details of product return and refunds. We would be very grateful if you could provide a detailed reason for the return.

The ordered goods arrived damaged - what can I do?

If you notice a defect in the packaging (e.g. wetting, corner damage, hole in the box), ask the courier to make a damage report. If the product is damaged, take photos of the packaging with a visible numer of bill of lading, as well as photos of the content of the package, and then send them to us.

I have sent a complaint - when will I receive an answer?

Our customer service will contact you the next business day at the latest.

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