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Smart LED Illuminated Mirror Medicine Cabinet - L02 Sarah

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1. Choose color of cabinet and lighting color

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Using the switch, you can activate the LED lighting.
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Watch your favorite movies and series on Youtube, Netflix, HBO and many other available platforms. Listen to your favorite music with the included wireless speaker from SONY.
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Cosmetic mirror / LED
Cosmetic mirrors are available in 2 variants: with LED backlighting, and without backlighting. The mirror provides a 3x zoom so you can apply the perfect makeup.
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The mat prevents fogging of the mirror, which is located on the middle door of the bathroom cabinet.
The mat vaporizes an area of: 30x20 cm.


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Beveling is an elegant finishing of mirror edges. This solution allows the reflected light to create a crystal-like effect on the edges of the mirror.
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Induction charging
Allows you to charge your mobile phone wirelessly – just put it on the battery symbol.



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Select the type of mirror.
Smart LED Illuminated Mirror Medicine Cabinet - L02 Sarah
Select the type of mirror.
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Multimedia bathroom cabinet
that meets your expectations


Download apps and use them while you're in the bathroom, controlling them with the included remote or your own smartphone.

Watch your favorite movies and series on Youtube, Netflix, HBO and many other available platforms.

- High quality display with dimension of 10" and 1080p (Full HD) resolution.
- Bluetooth speaker included.
- The display can be mounted on the right, middle or left side depending on your preference.

Touch control is not possible.
Controller by

A sleek white controller with a minimalist style to match any room. Put your favorite streaming platforms at your fingertips with dedicated buttons.

Google, open Spotify and play "Michael Jackson -Billie Jean"

SmartScreen supports Google Assistant, so you can control your device with voice commands.


Ask whatever you feel like...
"Turn on "Stranger Things" on Netflix”
"What's the weather going to be like today?”
"Show my appointments for today"
"Are there any interesting restaurants nearby?”

  • LED lighting

    Thanks to advanced LED technology you can enjoy natural light and reduced power consumption. The lighting will make everyday activities, such as applying makeup or shaving, much easier.

  • Wide range of accessories

    Adjust the Cabinet to your requirements with a wide range of accessories. You can choose from such appliances as a weather station, induction charger, clock or speakers.

Practical space

Thanks to the LED mirror cabinet you will gain a practical place to store your accessories. All the items necessary during the morning routine are always at hand.

Color cabinet

Choose from 17 different decor colors to match your bathroom.

LED color

Being able to choose the color of the product's lighting allows you to customize it to fit the climate of your bathroom.


Choose from a variety of lighting options:

4500K Dual Color
Neutral 4500K
Cold 7000K
Philips 6500K

Light switch

On request, our illuminated mirrors can be equipped with one of many light switches:

Touch switch

One of them is the touch switch, with which you can easily switch the LED lights on and off.

Sensor switch

Keep your cabinet clean! Turn on the lighting in your cabinet completely touchless! Just move your hand under the bottom edge of the frame.

- Sensor range: 4"
- For the switch to work properly, the sensor should be at least 8" from any obstacles.

Rocker switch

Use the rocker switch at the bottom of the cabinet to turn on the LED lighting.

A rocker switch is included as standard on the product.


A set that allows you to control the lighting through a wireless remote control or dedicated application. The mirror can be integrated with a voice command system such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Cosmetic mirror
Mirror without LED lighting
Mirror with LED lighting
Perfect makeup

Cosmetic mirror

Remember how many times you stood in front of the Cabinet trying to draw the perfect line on your eyelid? We have a way to do that! The 3x magnifying cosmetic mirror integrated into the LED bathroom mirror will make sure your make-up is always perfect! This small gadget will quickly and effectively solve your morning face care problems

- Cosmetic mirrors are available in 2 variants: with LED lighting, and without lighting.

Induction charger

Use the induction located in the middle of the cabinet during your morning toilet to charge your phone. The process will begin when you place your smartphone in the designated area.

Technical specifications
Dimensions of the cabinet:
39.4" x 28.3" x 6.5"
LED lifetime:
  • Up to 15 000 hours
  • Phillips LED up to 45 000 hours
Number of LEDs and energy class:
120 / 40", A++
Protection rating:
Yes, 2 years
Power consumption:
9,6 W / minute
LEDs color
  • Cold white 7000K
  • Neutral white 4500K
  • Philips LED 6500K
The set consists of:
  • LED bathroom cabinet
  • 4 glass shelves
  • mounting accessories
Cabinet depth
Product weight
60 lb

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