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Backlit mirrors 50x80

Type of room - Bathroom ✖
Mirror Shape - Rectangular ✖
Mirror Shape - Rounded ✖
Line - PremiumLine ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting around the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting at the top and bottom of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting on the sides of the mirror ✖
LED lighting system - Lighting at the top of the mirror ✖
Mirror orientation - Horizontal ✖

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Mirrors 50x80

Mirrors 50x80 cm are small, but very important for the functional furnishing of the apartment, elements of equipment that are worth incorporating into your bathroom or hall. LED mirrors 50x80 cm are an interesting proposition for all those who want to easily decorate a small bathroom or give their apartment a more expressive character. A small mirror on the wall will fit in a narrow corridor, successfully fill the small wall above the chest of drawers and make your tiny bathroom look optically larger.

Bathroom mirrors 50x80 cm are a worth considering alternative to large and massive mirrors that cover the entire wall in the room. You can place them above the extension of the bathroom cabinet with a washbasin, hang them with richly decorated furniture and use them as an interesting decorative element together with paintings or souvenirs from your travels in the living room.

50x80 mirrors are available in standard shapes, with an additional lighting panel and numerous accessories. Thanks to them, you will prepare a practical arrangement in the bathroom, thanks to which you can conveniently apply your morning make-up or prepare your face for a night's rest. LED mirrors 50x80 cm can be adjusted to the individual preferences of household members - match your favorite light color, use the built-in speakers or a discreet shelf for cosmetics available at your fingertips. Thanks to a small mirror in the hall, you will be happy to get ready for a night out with friends and choose the best wardrobe for work to feel confident in any situation.

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