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Modern LED mirrors

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Modern mirrors

Modern mirrors are solutions that perfectly fit into interior design trends. They are characterized by minimalist design, simple shapes and often the use of innovative technologies. Among them, we can find mirrors with LED backlight, with unconventional shapes, as well as models with non-standard sizes that completely change the character of the interior.

Modern decorative mirrorsare also a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. They often serve not only as decorative elements, but also as practical ones. They can be equipped with a built-in heating system that allows the mirror to be kept at a warmer temperature, which prevents it from fogging. Moreover, thanks to modern technologies, mirrors can function as intelligent devices, e.g. connect to a Wi-Fi network and enable the use of various types of applications and services, including Netflix, Spotify or Tidal.

Modern mirrors often traditional frames were abandoned in favor of minimalist frameless solutions. Thanks to this, mirrors become subtle, light and fit into almost any interior - from minimalist to industrial and even classic. These are bothbathroom mirrorsandmirrors for the bedroomandhallways. Modern models are a choice for people who value modernity and style, as well as practicality. These are investments for years, because their simplicity and functionality will never go out of fashion.

Modern mirrors in a classic form, i.e. rectangular and round mirrors without a frame.

Hanging mirrors, which were once associated mainly with vanity, have now gained a new dimension as a decorative element in our homes. In a properly selected place and arrangement, modern decorative mirrors can not only beautifully decorate a room, but also visually enlarge the space. This does not mean, however, that its basic function has lost its importance. On the contrary, nowadays we increasingly choose different types of mirrors for different tasks, such as makeup. In the case of a bathroom or a living room, LED mirrors are ideal.

Classic rectangular mirrors are usually a basic element of interior design, thanks to their simple and universal design, which is characterized by a perpendicular form. However, this does not mean that rectangular mirrors cannot be modern. Rectangular,modern mirrorsare very versatile, which allows them to be adapted to many types of rooms regardless of the arrangement style - from traditional to modern. They work great, for example, ashallway mirrors. Their various sizes allow you to place them in various places: from large models that optically enlarge the space, to smaller mirrors, ideal for small alcoves or for placing on furniture. Designers, focusing on the minimalist form of the mirror, often add decorative accents to it to give classic mirrors an original style.

Round mirrors are almost as popular as rectangular mirrors. Modern decorative mirrors in this shape are a popular and stylish decorative element that adds a pleasant, soft accent to the room. Their rounded shape adds charm and stylish character to the interior, standing out from other furnishing elements. They are available in various sizes and colors, which allows you to choose a model that perfectly fits a specific interior. Round frameless mirrors are versatile and fit well into various types of arrangements - from traditional to more modern ones. You can choose a mirror color that matches the entire color scheme of the room or choose a contrasting color that attracts attention.

Smart mirrors - is it worth having them in your home?

If someone prefers modernity and wants to enjoy the functionality and technology of a smart home, smart mirrors will be the perfect solution. These are LED mirrors, a modern solution that combines the functionality of an illuminated mirror with technology that enables the use of many practical functions that improve our everyday life. For example, thanks to them it is possible to use popular streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify or Tidal, which allows you to enjoy your favorite music or watch interesting movies and series, all while taking a bath or getting ready for work. Smart mirrors are not only practical, but also aesthetic, because they have a modern design and elegant finishes, which makes them fit into modern and minimalist interiors, regardless of the purpose and decor of the room.

In addition to the described functionalities modern smart mirrors also offer many other additional functions, such as adjusting the light color to your needs or a built-in heating system that prevents fogging and allows you to illuminate both the bathroom and other rooms. It is worth paying attention to technical aspects, such as power supply and connection, when choosing the right smart mirror. For DC-powered mirrors, appropriate power sources and space for cables are required, while for battery-powered mirrors, attention must be paid to the battery power. Installing the mirror also requires attention because it must be properly adjusted to the thickness and distance from the wall. When using a smart mirror in the dining room, bedroom or bathroom, the color and color of the emitted light is an important factor.

Modern mirrors for your home? You will find the best at Artforma

Artforma is a Polish online store offering the highest quality decorative mirrors with LED backlight, which will be perfect for any interior, regardless of its function. Our offer includes mirrors of individually selected sizes, shapes and functionalities, which you will certainly adapt to your home. All the products we offer are of the highest quality, made of high-class materials, and are characterized by high functionality. Each of our mirrors is also equipped with a convenient rocker switch that allows you to easily turn the lighting on and off. So if you are a fan of modern, comfortable solutions, our mirrors are a perfect solution for you.

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