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Illuminated Round LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror L35

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1. Select your mirror size and standard fittings

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Cold White 7000K
7000K cold white LED lighting.
Warm White 3000K
3500K cold white LED lighting.
Neutral White 4500K
White neutral 4500K LED lighting.
Philips LED 6500K
Cold white LED lighting from well-known manufacturer Philips with higher lighting power and LED lifetime.
Philips LED 4500K
Neutral LED lighting from well-known manufacturer Philips with higher lighting power and LED lifetime.
Dual color
Possibility to modify the backlight colour in several steps, from cold (6000K) to warm (2700K) white colour.
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Select your mirror finish style

2 . Select additional accessories
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Sensor Switch
Turn on the lighting in your mirror completely touchless! All you have to do is move your hand!
Touch Switch
Just touch the switch to quickly and intuitively switch the LED light on or off!
Smart Switch
A set that allows you to control the backlighting through a wireless remote control or dedicated application.
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Makeup Mirror
The cosmetic mirror will allow you to beautifully make up or precisely apply shaving foam.
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Bluetooth Speaker
The speaker allows you to connect your phone to the mirror via bluetooth.
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The heating mat prevents fogging of the mirror so that we can enjoy a perfect reflection even after an intensive bath.
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Select your mirror finish style

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Illuminated Round LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror L35
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Mirror LED
that meets your expectations
Mirror LED
  • LED lighting
  • Offer for demanding customers
  • LED lighting

    A beautiful and modern mirror with LED lighting will be perfect for any bathroom. A wide range of LED colour choices allows us to customize the mirror to your requirements. Choose powerful and practical illumination in the PremiumLine.

  • Offer for demanding customers

    With you in mind, we manufacture customized bathroom mirrors for your special order. This makes it easy to match the decor of your room. Customize the mirror size, housing edge colour and LED light tone (warm or cold) yourself.

Sized for any room

Whatever the size of your room, you'll find the right size with us. A wide range of configurations allows you to tailor the size perfectly to your needs... Available mirror sizes are: 25,6" - 47,2" Width.

10 available combinations

Premium Line illuminated mirrors open up a wide range of design possibilities for the modern bathroom! The Premium Line offers up to 19 different cabinet decors to match your bathroom furniture. Premium line designed so that the illumination is directed exactly at the person facing the mirror.

LEDs color
LEDs color

Choose the variant for yourself

The possibility of choosing the colour of illumination of the product allows you to adjust it to the climate in your home. Opt for a neutral colour to add a minimum of warm, atmospheric light to the room, or a lighting from a reputable PHILIPS brand if you want a stronger illumination for your face to apply make-up.

Dual Color

The LED lighting is controlled via a touch switch. A single touch of the switch turns the backlight on and off, while by holding the switch when the lighting is on you change the temperature of the LED lighting.

3000K Dual Color
Warm 3000K
Neutral White - 4500K
Cold White - 7000K
Philips 4500K
Philips 6500K
Dual Color
Touch Switch
Touch Switch

On request, our illuminated mirrors can be equipped with one of many light switches.

Touch Switch Touch Switch
One of them is the touch switch, with which you can easily turn the LED lights on and off.
Sensor Switch Sensor Switch
Do you value quick and convenient solutions? So do we! LED mirror with sensor switch allows you to activate the lighting in your bathroom with just a flick of the wrist!
The sensor operates at a maximum distance of 2" from the mirror.
AlexaSmart Switch

The wireless switch allows you to remotely control the mirror using the included remote control, an app on your phone, and your voice. Want to feel like the main character on the set of the latest sci-fi movie? Or do you have other voice-controlled gadgets at home? Be smart and bet on an LED wall mirror with a wireless switch.

Bluetooth speakers

Imagine the soothing sounds of your favourite music while taking a warm bath. Can you feel the relaxation and the tension coming off?

393,7" Bluetooth range
High quality sound
Unobtrusive speaker hidden behind a mirror
Cosmetic Mirror

Two options available:

With LED lighting
Without lighting
Cosmetic Mirror
The magnification of the mirror
The magnification of the mirror
Diameter 5,1"
With LED lighting
With LED lighting
Cosmetic Mirror
Cosmetic Mirror

Remember how many times you stood in front of the mirror trying to draw the perfect line on your eyelid? We have a way to do that! The 3x magnifying cosmetic mirror integrated into the LED bathroom mirror will make sure your make-up is always perfect! This small gadget will quickly and effectively solve your morning face care problems.


Bathroom mirrors tend to fog excessively, especially in small bathrooms. To get rid of steam quickly and effectively, simply turn on the heating mat. The heating mat prevents the mirror from steaming. The area of operation of the device depends on the configuration of the mirror (size and selected accessories such as a station / cosmetic mirror). The minimum size of evaporation is 7,9" x 11,8" and maximum 15,7" x 23,6".

Technical specifications

19,7" - 47,2"
Protection rating
Thickness- PremiumLine
Thickness of the glass panel
Light output
120 / m
Energy class
Light output
Standard LED 1020lm / Intensive LED 1200lm / Philips LED 1500lm
LEDs color
Warm White 3000K / Neutral White 4500K / Cold White 7000K / Philips LED 6500K/ Phillips LED Neutral White - 4500K
LED lifetime
Up to 15 000h/ Phillips LED 45 000h
Power consumption
9,6 W / m
2 years
The set consists of
Mounting accessories, assembly instructions
Type of mirror
LED light
Purpose of the mirror PremiumLine
Professional Make-up
Mirror shape
Preferred rooms
Bathroom, Living room, Hallway, Bedroom, Dining room
Properly prepared packaging ensures safe transportation to your home
Edge finishing
Mirror with polished edges

Round mirror with modern lighting for the bathroom

Are you arranging your bathroom? It must include a functional mirror. This is what a modern mirror with LED lighting from Artforma is like . Choose this model and decide what diameter it should be. That's not all, because the round mirror with modern backlight can be equipped with a touch or non-touch switch. In the second case, the lighting is controlled by hand movement, a remote control or an application that you can download to your smartphone .

You don't know whether a mirror with illumination in the shape of short strips will fit your interior? We guarantee it is. Decorative lighting with a warm, cold or neutral color can be directed exactly at the person standing in front of the mirror or illuminate the wall on which it is mounted. It's up to you what the final effect will be.

Modern mirror with LED lighting and glass shelf

Do you want to improve the functionality of your bathroom? Choose a round mirror with modern backlight and a tempered glass shelf. This is where you can place the necessary cosmetics for face and body care. We also offer you the installation of a heating mat that prevents the mirror from fogging and makes it easier to keep its glass surface clean.

Artforma specialists have not forgotten about lovers of modern technologies. A mirror with LED backlight (stripes) may have a built-in Bluetooth speaker. It is invisible, but when paired with your phone, it allows you to stream your favorite song straight from your phone.

Mirrors by Shape

Mirrors by Type


Mirror installed? Add a photo with the hashtag #Artforma_com to be among the thousands of satisfied customers!

dwa lustra okragle podswietlane led
lustro z glosnikiem
Podswietlane lustro lazienkowe LED z wlacznikiem
lustro dekoracyjne loft
nowoczesne lustro
lusterko kosmetyczne
okragle lustro lazienkowe
lustro w lazience okragle
lustro w nowoczesnej lazience
lustro prostokatne z tabletem

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